APQC – in a nutshell? Awesome! (contains nuts – those with allergies…)

May 22, 2007

So in my search for the bestest gosh-darn place to work in Houston, I’ve come across some mighty cool companies.  The first of these I’d like to profile is APQC.

People, HOW DID I NOT know about them until today?  What rock was I living under the last 3 years in H-town?  I consider myself pretty versed in business acumen.  Just me saying acumen means I’m pretty smart.  And cool.  But APQC and its staff could blow my acumen out of the water any day of the week.  Just check out their knowledge base for starters:

APQC puts enough knowledge online for you to blow a number of brain-valves – don’t OD.

Yeah.  Tell me about it.  It frickin’ rocks.  I read a lot of business books and such, but this is some seriously cool schmazz.

Oh, and they have a blog and everything too.  I just posted a comment on a recent blog post over there about.. uh.. blogging.  And somewhere the blog police just got in their blog squad car to come tell me I used derivatives of the word blog too many times in a paragraph.  Anyone know a good hideout in H-town?


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